Sentimental Sunday – Easter with the Ancestors

My cousins Dalvin, Shawnique and me in New Orleans for Easter, 1976.

One of the most long-lasting and fondest memories I have of Easter is the one we spent in New Orleans during our country’s bicentennial ¬†year.

Not only did I get to spend time with my cousins who I loved and see my paternal grandparents, but I also got a fancy new yellow dress with pleats (pictured above) and a time-consuming hairdo that I treasured because it made me feel so grown up.

It just doesn’t feel like Easter Sunday without fancy dresses, so thank goodness I have two daughters who I can cajole into dressing up for at least the hour of church service.

Happy Easter all.  Enjoy your holiday and making memories.

My brothers with our grandmother, Lillie Mae Ford (Daniel) on Easter, 1976 in New Orleans.

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