Monday Madness: My Serious Slave-Owning Ancestor

Ad in the January 1853 Times Picayune found oon

In the past year, I’ve often wondered just how big a slave owner was my second great-grandfather, Col. W.R. Stuart and just how much property did he amass.  To my mind, the fewer slaves he owned, the easier it might be for me to accept him as just a product of his times when slave-ownership was not extraordinary. But receipts I’ve gathered for  thousands of dollars he donated to the Confederates and the above advertisement found this weekend on by a friend make it crystal clear.  He was a serious slave owner with a lot of property. Less a product of his time and more someone who helped shape the times.

This January 1853 ad from the Times Picayune says he owned at least “fifty acclimated Negroes.”  I’m afraid to even know what “acclimated” means.  I assume it just means the slaves are used to picking cotton in the Baton Rouge heat and humidity.   And those one thousand “arpents” the ad mentions equal 850 acres. Arpent is an old French unit of land used in French parts of Canada and the US equal to .85 acres. Between the land he cultivated and the slaves he owned to work his land, Col. W. R. Stuart became a wealthy man.

As Marvin Gaye said, make me wanna holler.

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6 thoughts on “Monday Madness: My Serious Slave-Owning Ancestor

  1. It is good to see facts, however, whatever the analysis that follows, correct? Best not to speculate, better to know. Thanks for sharing. Your string of posts has been most revealing to each of us.

    Bill ;-)

  2. Not easy to come to terms with, but absolutely necessary. Thanks for sharing it. It came as a shock to me to learn my ancestors were slave owners. I’ve tried to take solace in their “small” slave holdings but I doubt that matters to the descendants of their slaves.

  3. Indeed. Makes me Wanna Holler! As is the double-edged sword we call genealogy. You love the ancestor. You cringe at some of their thinking. Thanks for sharing.

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