Photo Friday: My ancestors and me at the Maryland Historical Society

My third great-grandfather, William R. Stuart and me at the Maryland Historical Society. Photo by Flannery Silva. Fuzziness courtesy of my iphone.

Yesterday, on my way down to the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts where I’m working on my family history project, I stopped in Baltimore to see some relatives – some living, some dead.  The living one is my niece, Flannery, a student at Maryland Institute College of Art.  She accompanied me to see my ancestors whose portraits are housed at the Maryland Historical Society, just blocks from her school. Funny the way things work.

Flanny was kind enough to take photos of me with the portraits of my second great uncle, Alexander Stuart, his wife, Matilda (who was sporting an amazing ermine robe), my third great uncle, Andrew Stuart, and my third great-grandfather, William R. Stuart pictured above. See any family resemblance?

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13 thoughts on “Photo Friday: My ancestors and me at the Maryland Historical Society

  1. Awesome picture (of both of you!) I hope that your visit with the relatives was great. And I can’t wait to hear about your wonderful adventures at the VCCA!! Thanks for taking the time to post this. xox

  2. Seeing you and W.R.S. Sr. side by side brings to mind his words of advice to his son, The Colonel, in his letters. Who knew! It’s killing me not riding “Shotgun” on this part of the journey, but I’m thankful for iphones. I can hear that haunting tune swelling in the background! lol. I see the resemblance in the ears, jawline, and mouth. We’re a handsome bunch! xoxo

  3. I love the picture of you, and can see how happy you are. What a find and story as well. I’m wondering if you wrote about Mr. Stuart, he must have been very important to be housed at the MHS. Thrilling. Did you write about him yet?

  4. Desi- no,no,no, I don’t look like that old dude!
    Dev- I think I see some family resemblance in there.
    dj- Yeah, you’re both definitely portrait worthy & historic figures.

  5. you’re both good looking, but thank goodness that’s where it ends… that’s one hairdo you don’t want to emulate! ;O) He seems to have a wee sense of humor, that’s definitely in there! Hope you’re having a blast, it’s a typically gorgeous picture. You’re both photogenic! Good photographer, too!

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