100 Stirling Family Slaves

After spending all day amongst friends to begin the new year, my family and I sat down at our dinner table to celebrate the last day of Kwanzaa.  This African-American holiday  helps restore and root us in our African culture lost in the Middle Passage. It seemed fitting to end this restorative holiday and begin a new year by listing the names of about 100 slaves I came across while researching my family tree.  Hopefully by listing these names found in the Lewis Stirling Family Papers, archived at Louisiana State University, some family researcher will be connected with their ancestors.  All of the following people were enslaved to Lewis Stirling of West Feliciana Parish, Louisiana and were listed in a mortgage as collateral. These names and any other of enslaved people I come across in Louisiana will be listed on the page, “Enslaved Communities of Louisiana.”

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5 thoughts on “100 Stirling Family Slaves

  1. Wow. Thank you for posting this list – I’m reading from Australia, have read parts of your blog before and have linked it in mine. I have no words for the sadness I feel reading your list.

  2. What an amazing & sad list Dionne. What history we have & what a tremendous responsibility to the Ancestors we carry.

    May your New Year be blessed & congrats on the FT2011 nod — well deserved indeed!:-)


  3. I just found my 4th Great grandmother on Ancestry. com which led me to your website . It took me 4 months to get this information and many sleepless nights ( LOL)! Just when I was going to give up I thought lets check Louisiana( Her only son info I could find, death certificate only had her name no state info )BINGO !
    There she was !My Grandmother was Nancy Willis. I believe her mother might be Lucy according to documents from 1816 she was only three( http://www.ibiblio.org/laslave/). This has been a bittersweet journey but the search must go on ! God bless you and all the work that you have done !

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