March 1st: An important day in our family’s history

Re-posting this in honor of my daughter and great, great-grandmother:

On March 1, 1925, my great, great-grandmother, Tempe Burton died.

Tempy Burton’s obituary from the Daily Herald, Mississippi.

75 years later, my daughter, Desiree arrived.

My baby, Desiree.

Rest in peace, Tempe.  Happy birthday, Desi!

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3 thoughts on “March 1st: An important day in our family’s history

  1. I always love finding that one of the present generation shares a birthday with an ancestor. Happy birthday to Desiree!

  2. Amazing that your daughter was born on the date that our ancestor died. As the elders said, when one dies, someone new will soon be born.

  3. I found the obituary of your great great grandmother to be a true keepsake as I as of yet have to find an article documenting slavery. Also it amazing how your daughter arrived on the same day as her death.

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