For Valentine’s Day: A History of Love

UntitledMy great-grandparents, Josephine Burton and Rev. James Ford most likely met through their affiliation with the Methodist Episcopal Church in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.  I know from my great-grandmother Josephine’s frequent editorials in “The Southwestern Christian Advocate” newspaper that she regularly attended ME sunday school, church and camp meetings in and around Ocean Springs as early as 1890 when she was sixteen years-old. The same newspaper also has frequent mentions of my great-grandfather, James Ford preaching at the camp meetings, Sunday schools or churches in the area. He was an itinerant minister and appears on the rolls of the Methodist Episcopal Church  Mississippi Conference book as early as 1879.  One of my favorite things published in the “Southwestern Christian Advocate” is my great-grandparents’ May 3, 1894 marriage announcement (pictured to the left).  It’s simple and sweet the way love should be.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

What history of love have you uncovered about your ancestors?


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4 thoughts on “For Valentine’s Day: A History of Love

  1. Thanks for sharing this article. I never knew our great grandfather’s first name.
    Thanks for putting together more of the puzzle.

  2. Dear Ms. Ford,
    I have just finished reading your article “My Family Tree – In Black and White” in the September 2013 edition of MORE Magazine. I wanted to tell you how beautifully written your piece is and how deeply touched I was when I read it. I have no idea why I cry as I write this as I do not believe that my family history is as darkly tangled as the one you share with your readers. But your words and your experiences have traveled to a very deep place in my heart and I wanted to say thank you for that. Perhaps there is some history or past life there that I am as yet unaware of except for my response to your writing. Again, thank you.

  3. Hi Candra.
    Thank you so much for this lovely note and for reading my article. More will be revealed to you, I’m sure. All best, Dionne

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