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I’m a writer living in a suburb of New York City with my husband and two daughters. My work has appeared in the following locations:


MOR0913_MOR_CV_1 “My Family History in Black and White,” MORE, September 2013 Winner, National Association of Black Journalists 2014 Salute to Excellence Award and Newswomen’s Club of New York 2014 Front Page Award
gen190 “Finding Peace from a War At Home” The New York Times, May 2008
archivesFA08 “Black on the Inside” Brain, Child Magazine, Fall 2008
“My daughter has decided that she is white. With her butterscotch skin and thick copper-colored curls, it’s easy to see that white is only half the story.”
oct8_small “Capoeira: The Joyful Martial Art” New Jersey Monthly Magazine, October 2008
“A martial art where you ‘play’ instead of fight…capoeira was developed by Africans enslaved in Brazil…”


NPR, “Here and Now” with Robin Young discussing “Black on the Inside”

Greenwich Historical Society, Slave Dwelling Project, “Slaves in the Attic”

TV34 Robin’s Nest, “Researching your family tree”

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  1. dionne, i ran across a couple of your articles today for the first time. what a way to start 2010. i read “if you’re hysterical, it’s historical” an “child”. i thought that both were very well written, but who am i to judge, i can barely get through any comments without many misspellings. the point is your insight into the thoughts of biracial children are something that i, as a grandfather to biracial kids is something that will help me help them to love, respect and hold onto every facet of their make-up. sicily’s mom is black and my son is as your husband, irish white. they are split up and live quite far apart. unfortunatley my son is not making the effort that i would like to see concerning their relationship and that puts the papa type of influence kind of on me. (i really don’t mind that though, i kind of like it) her brother tysan is not my blood grandson but you better not try to tell him that i’m not his granddad (that’s the word he likes to use).

    but hey, thanx for the articles, i’ll be looking forward to more of your insight. i think you might be a pretty smart lady.

    good luck in the new year
    brian mclaughlin

  2. Hello Dionne,
    I am an artist and writer from Sharon Pa. now living in Las Vegas. My parents
    Mr. Henry and Mrs. Helen Ford, are from Cheraw, South Carolina. My Father is the son of Hutton and Susan Ford who lived in an area known as Fordsville in the Cheraw area.
    At a family reunion in 1999 I learned that my Grandfather Hutton was an immigrant from Haiti. He and his wife Susan had eleven children; nine boys and two girls. This created a very extensive family in several areas of the country. Most notably Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Maryland, and New York, where most of the family that attended that reunion where from.
    I was very pleased to meet family I didn’t know I had at that time. The family also included family through marriage such as the Hughes family, Johnson’s, Marshals, Robinson’s, Peagler’s, Short’s, and more who I would need the reunion program to remember (forgive me ya’ll).
    I would love to compare family trees some day and see if the branches intertwine at some point. Feel free to contact me if you wish to explore family histories. God bless.
    Geoffrey T. Ford

  3. Hey Dionne,

    Thanks for introducing me to Finding Josephine. I’ve been perusing the site & links for a while now. I especially appreciate your NYT article re: Memorial Day and the dynamic of the military in your family history.

    i have extended family history & knowledge on my Mom’s side, yet know very little about my Father’s genealogy. Your blog may be the catalyst I need to start doing some research. Thanks and see you soon.

  4. Hi Geoffrey. I’m so sorry for this loss. How was Mr. Ford related to you? Unfortunately, the link is not working, but I will look up his obit. Peace be with you, Dionne.

  5. For some reason the links is not working. Sorry about that, but you may check out the obituary by Googling or going to, and checking out the obituaries. Hope all is well. May God richly bless you and yours.

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